A kitchen that receives serviced apartments cleaning in London

Serviced Apartment Cleaning Company in London

Who is this for?

 We recognise the difficulties that you face managing a short-term rental property and that is precisely why we designed a service that aims to negate some of the daily struggles you go through.  Our Deluxe team will leave your property spotless for the next guests.  From toiletries to coffee, we’ll make sure your property has exactly what your guests will need for their stay. We do our thing 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if you’re open for business, so are we. 

 You save time managing your own cleaners (or cleaning yourself). We do track your bookings and schedule the cleanings ourselves, if provided with access. We can store, prepare, deliver the clean and take back the dirty linen if you need such a service. You only pay fixed competitive rates agreed upon beforehand - no hidden pricing.

 We work with each of our prospective clients to develop fixed, predictable and competitive pricing, tailored to each specifically. We recommend our service to people who want to grow and develop their business and save time with us, as we will help you not only with cleaning but also can give you some tips that we learned from our rich experience.

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