End of Tenancy/Pre-Tenancy Cleaning

Additional Information


The cost of cleaning can vary from property to property so we can charge by the hour for all clean. We will happily arrange quotes before cleaning is undertaken. We can also give you a fixed price based on the estimate hours according to the size of your property. Please call for a free of charge quote on: 07528228843 or check in Menu Prices on our web site to see the estimate hours for end of tenancy cleanings.

We are specialised in end of tenancy cleaning and we know what is expected from us and how to make your property spotless.

We need 24-hour notice for booking end of tenancy cleaning. We bring all the materials and equipment. Professional window cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are not included in the end of tenancy cleaning and if this is something you would like to be done you have to book those separately. We can arrange these services for you.

Please note that on an end of tenancy cleaning we throw away all personal belongings, clothes, hangers, bed sheets, duvet covers, pillows and foods that were possession of the previous tenants if they were left in the property unless you tell us not to do so!

We have full liability insurance (can be send on request).

You can find below what is included in end of tenancy cleaning.

Please note this is a bespoke service that will be moulded to your needs. Indicative prices a sample service is listed below.


  •  Clean inside/outside and the top of all kitchen cupboards.
  •  Clean inside/outside the fridge and freezer. The freezer has to be defrosted by you before the cleaning or we will clean it as much as possible but not defrost it. Additional charge will be added to your bill if you required defrosting of the freezer.
  •  Cleaning inside/outside the oven and microwave.
  •  Cleaning inside/outside the dishwasher.
  •  Wipe/wash window, window ledges, doors and door frames, skirting boards and radiators. Removing cobwebs, clean all light switches and lights.
  • Removing marks from the walls where it is possible.
  •  Clean hob/grill.
  • Wipe all kitchen counter tops and appliances.
  •  Descale and clean sink.
  •  Hover/sweep and wash floors.


  •  Clean and polishing mirrors.
  •  Removing cobwebs.
  •  Dusting and polishing all furniture inside and outside and behind where is possible, all pictures and ornaments.
  •  Washing/wiping all skirting boards, doors, window, window sills, lights, switches, radiators.
  •  Remove litter.
  • Vacuum the floors and mopping if needed.


  •  Scrub and disinfect toilet.
  •  Clean and descale bath/shower, shower doors and tiles.
  •  Clean and descale bathroom sinks.
  • Polishing all mirrors.
  • Wipe/wash windows, window ledges, skirting boards, doors and door frames, lights switches, lights and removing marks from walls where it is possible.
  • Wipe all counters and cleaning inside and outside bathroom cupboards.
  • Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors.


  •  Removing cobwebs.
  •  Clean, dusting, polishing all furniture and surfaces from inside and outside.
  •  Washing/wiping all skirting boards, windows, doors, window sills, lights, switches, radiators.
  • Remove litter.
  •  Vacuum the floors and mopping if needed.

*There is additional charge for cleaning blinds, balconies and for washing walls and removing marks from the walls. We do not clean the windows from outside!

Please note that there is a requirement for minimum of 4 hours for end of tenancy booking. We will provide all the cleaning materials and equipment.